The History of the Elder Lands

a very brief history of the campaigns so far

In the beginning Silas the Gargantuan, Silence Wurm the Astonishing, Sephora, Crunk, and Freemont set out on a quest to stop the orcs of the mountains from banding together in an unstoppable force around Uurgoth, a chosen of Gruumsh. This entailed stopping them from building a colossal weapon which, if completed, would allow the orcs to destroy the towns or hold them ransom. Three stones which were said to be gifts from the Gruumsh in the early days of creation were the weapon. By inserting another god’s talisman into the mounting socket of the topmost stone they were made to explode on their own allowing the party to subdue Uurgoth and win the day.

The Party then found their way into the Glitterhame where they searched for ancient Dwarven weapons of great worth. While in the middledark they learned that there was unrest below. The Underdark was in an uproar. The Patron of the House of Colborel of the Sun, Ma’son Colborel asked the adventurers to quell the unrest as it was bringing undesirable evil relations of his up into the surface cities. Making their way down into the underdark was an education on it’s own as the party moved through ruined underdark towns and evidence of poor decisions made by the Drow of Alberazole. After searching for information they made their way directly to the home of Matron Abaer where they found themselves in a pocket dimension. Their path to the pocket dimension, however was interrupted by the gods. Some gods kept themselves hidden and gave visions of the future to the adventurers. Others spoke plainly and gave gifts. To Smooth Pebble Hieroneous gave a scale from his infinite coat of armour. To Kaa-Rus Ehlonna gave an ugly hat of penance. having passed their tests the party found themselves in the presence of Matron Abaer. Here, outside of reality they battled with the Matron who had been tricked by the god Erythnuul to betray her own god, Llolth. To make matters worse the power which defeated her was the holy ugly hat of Elhonna combined with the scale of Infinity’s power over life and death.

Things began to be clear when it was revealed that the house of Colborel had been behind all of this from the start. They had goaded the orcs into moving the stones which protected a secret vault below the rivers at the center of the valley, they had gotten the adventurers out of the way sending them after their enemies and now, with the party distracted had attempted to release the Destroyer. The destroyer, an evil mage from the beginning of time who warred against the gods and nearly won. The ord god Gruumsh was created to destroy him and the valley made into his prison. Above him the temple of creation was placed with a holy order to protect that. Over the millenia all of this had been stripped away. Now was the time to stop it.

By collecting three artifacts (really two artifacts and a wielder for them) they found the power to face Remul in his ancient prison, recently opened by Ma’son Colborel (secretly Aelfric of Alberzole all along) They allowed the people of the vale to face the armies of constructs which Remul had released as his vanguard. Alem, Remul’s Brother and the greatest weapon the party had was killed in one blow. A long battle continued from there ending when Smooth Pebble’s scale of infinity ended Remul and he exploded in a wave of elemental energy.

Mordecai and Smooth Pebble found themselves transported to the distant past where, it seems an incarnation of Remul’s power has made it’s way into the world. The incarnation is a war hero named P’thanwy. She is a personal assistant to the Emperor and governer of one third or the empire. To kill her would make the party enemies of all the people of the empire. An ominous prophesy calls for Mordecai and Smooth Pebble to be the ones to destroy her; to restore the balance of the times.
Somehow they would need to discredit P’thanwy before they could destroy her. When the information comes about that the Emperor is about to die and that P’thanwy is the apparent successor. So they set Regis up to be the next emperor. they build alliances and After crossing the continent and rallying the people of the empire around General Regis Ma’el the party has finally found the power and the clearance to bring about the death of General P’thanwy. They brought her into the old seat of Remul’s power to a temple so filled with arcane evil that the power of the gods cannot touch it. She was overcome by the evil of the place, by the memories of her forgotten alternate past and the presence of her mortal enemy’s remains and attacked the party. They killed her in seconds but in her death she dissolved and the room filled with golden light. on the edges of this light, as though through a rainbow, all of their former party members were waiting. Their combined forces destroyed Remul in both times.

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