Welcome to the History of the Elder Lands. Due to the age of our game and the limitations of this service all of our various arcs will share space here becoming a sort of omnibus of information regarding the whole history of the Elder Lands and now the Savage Continent. Our games have covered many ages.

The First Age:
Beginning with the creation of the world by Elhonna, Pelor and Vecna the world was light on people. Men and elves were the first children of the gods to be created with each other race to follow. Some races were born of nothing more that the needs of the environment, the magic of a place or the whim of a god. Some races were brought into being to solve a problem. Regardless, all of the races of the world can be found in the Elder Lands. At some point in the first age magic power was received from the gods by the mortals. Remul used death as the element of his magic in a quest to become more than living. Ehlonna, Pelor and Vecna banded together to fight him with the help of his brother Alem and the newly created orcs they trapped him in a secret prison beneath the vale of creation.

The Second Age:
In the second age the peoples of the elder lands organised themselves into kingdoms. half a hundred wars spanned the continent at any time as alliances were forged, boundaries were drawn and blood was spilled.

The Third Age:
In the third age the empire was founded by Emperor Macabar Alt’zac, a man born of Cazatlan. The empire grew and altered throughout the third age as the power of the Emperor grew. The Imperial Mages of Dalim added their expertise giving the emperor powers to see and govern all the land. For many centuries there was peace.
Slowly through the third age, however, disturbing stories came down out of the north. Rumour spread of a “destroyer” in the Vale of Creation and in the Glitterhame beneath it. Some heroes in the north put it all to rest.
The third age ended, many agree, with the elemental war. Elementals, displeased by centuries of exploitation at the hands of elemental mages, flooded through portals into our world and laid waste to the North East and Mauritania. They were in the end repelled through no small effort of one hero, P’thanwy. She was elevated in position to Hand of the Emperor for her valour.

The Fourth Age:
The fourth age began when Regis Ma’el took the Imperial Throne. He reigned for centuries before passing the power to his son. All told, the fourth age lasted thee hundred years before “The Day The Magic Died”. On that day all arcane magic fled from the Elder Lands.

The Fifth Age:
Now three centuries after the day the magic died our heroes’ geas is to find where the magic went and discover how it might be restored.

The History of the Elder Lands

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